Dear Dog-Parent,

if you decide to change your dog’s food, I would like to recommend an extremely easy method for this.

Start by thinking through what foods your dog likes. Write these down on a sheet of paper. You can also write down those foods that you would like to try with your dog, but you haven’t had a chance to do it yet.

The second step is to think all the way through whether your dog has any food allergies. If your dog can’t eat certain foods (or you simply don’t want to feed your dog with a certain food) list it down on another sheet of paper. That way you will have two different lists. One for the Do’s and one for the Don’ts.

By comparing these two, you already have an abbreviated list. Now, start looking for dogfoods that meet your needs. Read the product descriptions carefully. Where there is no description or you feel it incomplete, don’t even consider it! Unfortunately, there is a reason for leaving the details out.

Find out what the recommended daily doses are. It may be a bit peculiar if the recommended dose is more than 20 grams per kilogram. Those dogfoods will probably have a lot of stuffing in them, which could cause difficulties for your dog to digest. So, no matter how cheap it seems, don’t choose it. Your dog’s long-term health is at stake!

After that, you will definitely have a short list. Having more than 5 dogfoods on this list is not recommended at all.
Now comes the size of the grain. Where it is not stated, it is immediate trash. A small-sized dog rarely eats 1,5 cm larger grains, while for a large-sized dog a 0,7 cm grainsize might be too small. In general, the right direction is for Yorkies to get croquettes around 1 cm, while Vizslas should get grains over 1,5 cm.

Congratulations, you have almost found the perfect food for your pet! However, you still need to do more research and start reading customer reviews. Where you can’t find one, forget it and don’t buy it! There is a reason why there are no customer reviews shown. Don’t be the first who tests that food! In case of webshops, the product page and the Facebook page are usually an authentic source. On these pages there are also plenty of reviews that you should definitely read.

If you’ve found the perfect dogfood for your pet, the only thing that matters now is the way of order and the guarantee. It is important for a dogfood to be always in stock, and its manufacturer should ensure consistent quality.

Guarantee is very important! As we see it, you shouldn’t care about if a product cost a few hundred forints more than the other one, because whoever works cheaply has to neglect something. Customer service, quality, delivery… Pay a few hundred forints more for a dogfood, but at least you can make sure that your favourite dogfood will always be available in its reliable quality.

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Try it, your dog will be grateful, I’m sure!

Andy Vargyas, founder of CricksyDog