Do You Want A Happier And More Energetic Dog?

Then keep reading, because we will now show you a two-step process of making the perfect dog food. You know your dog, we know dog food!

I. Allergic predisposition

The first phase of dog food preparation is checking if the dog who will enjoy our product has any food allergies.

Bad quality dog food can not only poison dogs who suffer from allergies, but also cause problems to their other companions as well. For example, it can age the dog faster and put extra strain on both their kidneys and their stomachs. This can make their lives not only harder but unfortunately shorter as well. That’s why we say that the foundation of a long, happy dog life begins with a healthy diet!

So, this is a very important step. We created two categories at the beginning of our dog food production. A basic premium and a sensitive premium. Let’s see what the difference is between the two.

Meat products

If your doggie doesn’t have any food allergies, then they are very lucky. They will be able to eat our carefully selected mixed meals.

Just think about it! They are in the best situation because they can eat in a variety of ways. Of course, these foods have a dominant meat ingredient, thus a dominant taste. We add more of this meat into our food. But we also thought of the sensitive ones! Our sensitive foods, to be properly tasty, contain a wide variety of vegetables and only one type of meat.

Let’s see which meats go into our diets: lamb, beef, fish… In the case of sensitive foods, we only use one type of meat, which is currently lamb, beef, salmon and most recently we added insect meal into the list! Never chicken (or poultry) by-product meals! In the case of these foods, we always avoid chicken (or poultry) by-product meals.

Wheat, corn, soy sensitivity

If your dog doesn’t have a health problem from unearthed grains (such as wheat, barley or millet), your dog can safely eat them. We wanted to be sure here as well! Therefore, our sensitive feeds contain 0% wheat, corn, or soy.


We use a lot of vitamins in our foods. The most important vitamins are: Vitamin-A (for vision), vitamin-D (for bone development and regeneration), vitamin-E (for muscle development). In addition to those, you can also find B1, B2, B6, B12, K3 and Omega3 in our diets… These are vital needs for dogs. Foods that don’t contain any of these, we might never know what they are made of.

If your dog needs a sensitive diet, they will also get extra trace elements. Like copper, iodine, selenium, biotin, omega6. To strengthen the dog’s immune system. These have been added separately to our sensitive diets, so there should be no difficulty for your doggie to consume our food.

Don’t let yourself be fooled

Grain-packed dog food < homemade fresh food < super-premium dog food

In our opinion pet food is weakly regulated internationally, basically “almost anything” can go into dog food. That’s why we’ve created our own, extra strict system to prove that we can and do have a demand for quality, premium dog food in Europe today.

From us, you won’t find food containing E numbers, or any ingredient that you’ve never heard of before. We articulate it clearly and only give what your dog needs. The best of succulent food.

II. Your dog’s size

We need to get an even more accurate picture of your dog. This is fine-tuning.

The second step in making dog food is to determine whether to prepare our food for small, medium, or large-sized dogs. So, we divided the dogs into two groups. One for small-sized, and one for medium- and large-sized dogs.

There are three things to decide here. Heat treatment, granule size and packaging. This is necessary to achieve the highest possible digestibility. We assume you don’t want your dog to eat food, which immediately would come out the other end. That’s why we’ve tried to protect your dog against this too!

Heat treatment

For large-sized dogs our food is made at a precisely set temperature that is slightly lower than usual. This is perfect for them because in our experience, at this critical temperature that we determined with careful analysis, they can break down most of the energy, protein, and minerals from perfectly softened meats. In contrast, we tend to raise the temperature a few more degrees for their smaller friends, because we find meat that is a little bit softer with a finer texture, better for their more sensitive stomachs.


As we all know, dogs like to guzzle, regardless of the size of the grains. Therefore, our granules are sized and shaped so that your dog can guzzle as little as possible. 0.55 in is our magic number. We found this size to be the best for medium and large-sized doggies. But in the eyes of the little ones, this size may seem daunting, so in many cases they won’t touch it at all. We realized throughout hundreds of experiments, that the small ones’ magic number is 0.35 in. We believe that this is the most ideal for them.


Why would a tiny dog need 30-lb bag of dog food at a time? For example, as long as 5-lb bag of food is not even enough for a kvass, for Yorkies it would be enough for a whole year. That’s why we always have a 5-lb bag package, which is perfect for both testing and the little ones feeding. However, we also have a 30-lb bag package for larger dogs, and a 24-lb bag package for the small dogs.

The decision has never been so easy

We are 100% sure that there is no need for different dog foods for every breed. Two product line twice is more than enough. In our opinion, “breed-specialized” food is a completely unnecessary marketing pull, it’s only sellers that are abusing the goodwill of the owners. We have a category for medium and large-sized dogs (TED) and one for small-sized dogs (JULIET). Furthermore, we have dog food for more sensitive dogs (TED Sensitive and JULIET Sensitive).

If you’ve bought some average quality food so far, please think about this: just because a Beagle is willing to eat lower quality food, it doesn’t mean that he enjoys eating it and that it’s healthy for him. Just because he doesn’t have rashes, it doesn’t mean that he’s never going to have them in the future. You may be playing with your dog’s health, which can lead to serious problems in the long run.

In the summer of 2021, we needed help. Our Havanese dog refused to eat anything.

I mean, she always ate home-cooked fresh meals. However, she started to develop rashes after eating any dog food. That’s when I found CricksyDog. I saw so much positive feedback and was immediately convinced. Since then, I have become a regular customer. I also give their latest biscuits to my Suzy.”

Ashley Owens, July 12, 2021

Our Best Offers For Your Dog

My medium and large-sized

dog is not allergic

In this case, our TED product line is the best option for you.

The classic TED contains a variety of meats such as beef, lamb, poultry, and fish as well as grains and vegetables. The crisp taste of freshness is in every bite! Are you unsure if this is really for your dog? Read the opinions of our returning customers about this food.

My medium and large-sized

dog has a chicken-meat allergy

In this case, our TED Sensitive product line is the best option for You.

We make sure your dog is in the best hands possible! Every TED Sensitive dog food is chicken-meat and wheat-gluten-free. If this causes your dog allergic reactions or your dog just doesn’t like it, we will refund your full purchase price immediately! We at CricksyDog left a 0% chance of poultry allergy!

My small-sized

dog is not allergic

In this case, our JULIET product line is the best option for you.

JULIET not only contains a variety of meats, but even its granules are 0.9mm in diameter. It is very easy to digest and your dog will definitely be super satisfied after every luscious snack. Try it now!

My small-sized

dog has a chicken-meat allergy

In this case, our JULIET Sensitive product line is the option for You.

Here is the final solution! If you are reading this article now, you are probably aware of all the difficulties of food allergies. It can be a terrible feeling to see your dog full of rashes, suffering, and you can’t help it, no matter how much you want to. Hopefully, this is over forever here and now! Try our JULIET Sensitive dog food with your dog and experience the improvement in your dog’s health with the gradual disappearance of symptoms! Plus, we guarantee full purchase price refund!

Next day delivery

If you place your order before noon, your package will arrive the very next day and can land immediately into your dog’s bowl. Don’t forget, we deliver everywhere in Europe!

Premium ingredients

The raw materials for all our products come from controlled farmers. For us, the safety of your dog is the most important! See for yourself!

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